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Below are the pieces that were included in Young, Gifted, & Woke Auction.


The auction has passed but don't miss out on the chance to view and possibly own the remaining pieces! We ask that you read each description carefully and take in the meaning behind each artists' concept.

Each piece has a price listed. If you are interested in a piece, please contact the artist using the contact info listed under each piece.

Thank you for being a part of the YGW Auction, enjoy!

Auction Flyer 2021_Final.png

"Unforgettable Milestone"

Luis Bloom - Khristyn - Demaciiio - Darklord Escada - Sheefy McFly

The Idea for this painting was continuously changing up until its production. It started with just

myself (Luis Bloom) and Demaciiio. After recently completing other collaboration works, the

desire to contact inspirations of my career became very strong.

The Covid pandemic has been a tough time for everyone but exchanging canvas between

others or even working in the same room was very hard to set up. The Freedom event held on

June 19th became a crazy opportunity to work on a new piece with Demaciiio, after learning that

Sheefy would be present I decided to ask him to work on something together. Surprisingly he

was all for the idea of working together.

After working through some steps on the collaborative piece with Demaciiio, Sheefy walks to us asking “Do you have a can of black?” I reached into my box and handed it to him and he

started spraying. We watched him work, as he was working Escada (@darklord_escada) setups

up a few feet from the canvas. Demaciiio steps in close to me saying, “We should see if he

would want to work on this too!” I responded in excitement “Yeah bro!”. After asking, Escada

was ready to work! He placed his work immediately after Sheefy finished working. The event

would soon be over but the painting was yet to be finished, after taking the painting back to the

studio, it was our turn! Khristyn and I were ready to finalize the painting adding in the final


I’ve never seen a painting in Detroit before where 5 Artists came together and created a singular

piece on canvas. It was a huge milestone for me to be a part of something so massive! At that

point I knew what to name the painting, an “Unforgettable Milestone”.

36" x 36", Acrylic and Aerosol on Canvas

Price     $20,000
Contact using Direct Chat or Email


Habacuc S. Bessiake, 22

" Fishin' "

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. What do you teach a man who after a long day of fishin' has lost his appetite for fish?

18" x 24", Oil on Board

Sold   $1,500

Joshua Rainer, 25

"A Good Work"

A Good Work was inspired by Christ’s Sermon on the Mount in the Book of Matthew. During the Sermon as described in Matthew 5:16, Christ famously denotes the way in which His message is directed, “Let [their] light so shine”. He underscores the significance of crediting God in the good works His followers accomplish. As both an artist, I recognize the breadth of my threshold for criticism (which I invite). Resulting partly from my intersecting identity as a Christian, I also recognize my limited capacity for accepting praise for my work. Personally, I feel knowing inwardly having done a relatively good job is sufficient satisfaction. With this work, I ask the viewer to consider Who I credit my ability and any resulting good thing.

24” X 30”, Oil on Canvas 

Starting Bid     TBA



Kirah Price, 20

"Please Don't Make Me Explain"

Recently with the chaos of the past year, I felt like I was losing myself along with everyone else. I felt like I had no one to express myself to where they would genuinely understand me. I began writing and painting to put those emotions somewhere which allowed me to carry on happier, but internally I felt like a broken girl trying to heal her own broken heart.

30” X 40”, Oil on Canvas 

Sold   $900

Luis Bloom, 27

"Nightmare's Infinity"

The concept in this image shows how humans can attempt to run from complications/issues they can’t find solutions to. This is Bloom’s first entirely abstract piece in six years, since starting the Luis Bloom Collective.


The stickman in this painting is bound by the hip with issues surrounding them, you can see that the hip is an actual infinity symbol. The textured pink box behind them represents the issue (mental issue) they want to escape, not knowing if it may be a good (lighter pink) or bad (darker pink) outcome. The viewer shall notice that all of the pink paint was partially heat dried and pulled with a cloth to give off a sticky/gooey texture. The blue textured ooze located in the bottom right represents the unconscious mind (the creeping voice/instinct) that wants to direct our decisions. Finally the agony, annoyance, and pain is represented by a consistent green spike, “envy, it’s only a thorn in my side”. 

40" x 30", Acrylic on Canvas

Price   $3000
Contact using Direct Chat or Email


Andranae Myers, 20

"Top It"

Sensuality is liberating. Don’t mind anyone telling you otherwise. Collective consciousness here to express, create, & inspire… Do you mind the divine feminine creating in a sultry nature? In our pursuit of inward reflection, we don’t care if it’s distasteful, to you.  

16" x 20", Acrylic on Canvas

Price     $200

Andranae Myers, 20

"The Great Mother"

All divinity should be honored. 

Symbology of the Feminine aspect of Creator, which has been discredited throughout the ages, has caused the world to go in disarray. 

All divinity should be honored.

There is an imbalance because you are trying to get one without the other. When both compliment one in different ways. HERSTORY.

16" x 24", Acrylic on Canvas

Price     $350 


Andre Reed, 23

"Owl be More"

There’s wisdom in asking questions we don’t have the answer to. When we do ask, we discover different parts of ourselves. In the process of this painting, I asked myself questions while committing to a single line drawing. This transformed into an Owl, which in that moment, became an expression of my internal thoughts. The mixture of deep blues and reds are meant to give a melancholy essence while the poem is for the viewer to reflect on their own thoughts during nocturnal times.

18" x 24", Acrylic, Aerosol, and Sharpie on Paper

Price     $250

Ash K. Guzman, 28

"Poison Dart Frog"

 How can something so beautiful, vibrant, and colorful be so deadly? This was the question circling my mind as I was working on this piece. I was interested in the dichotomy between beauty and death and wanted to reflect that in this work. Here you see the colors, or the life, from the frog running to reveal the bones, or death, beneath.


16" x 20", Acrylic on Canvas

Sold    $200


Ash K. Guzman, 28


  One of my favorite things about Detroit is the abundance of art that is scattered throughout the city. “The Spirit of Detroit” is arguably one of, if not the most, iconic pieces of Detroit art. A few years ago I had drawn up a series of digital illustrations based on Detroit landmarks. This design was created for that series, but I just felt like I needed to get “Spirit” on a canvas.


18" x 24", Acrylic on Canvas

Sold     $300

Bree Sinclair, 27


ANKH is a mixed medium acrylic with gold flakes painting made by the afrofuturist artist Bree sinclair. The painting depicts an image of a rendition of the Madonna with an afro futuristic outlook using bright colors, barely visible brushstrokes, bringing out the face and fabrics in the piece. What appears to be a sun in the background, is a luminescent and bright, gold flaked ball added to the piece to imitate the brightness of the sun. The rest of Black Madonna is a rendition of a Ndebele woman with bright fabrics and dark hair, golden ringed necks to symbolize the beauty of the women of the tribe. The lower part of the painting contains green leafery to suggest the gatherer nature of the tribal women. 


The title, Ankh, symbolizes the cycle of bringing on new life. Ankh is a kemet phrase meaning new beginning, and more specifically the joining together of the divine feminine and masculine to create the everlasting cycle. The painting itself also provides all the clues for this description. The woman holding the child suggests the completion of one cycle and the starting of a new one, therefore, the work reveals a mystery-a precisely detailed view of what it means to be alive. It may mean going from the green nature of trees and forests to giving life. 

24" x 32", Acrylic with Gold Flakes on Canvas

Price     $1,222


Demaciiio, 25

"Power In My Eyes"

This paint is a depiction of the visionary spirit. A state of consciousness where you are focused on the bigger picture.

24" x 24", Acrylic on Canvas

Price     $1500


 Escada "DARKLORD" Gordon, 26

"King Spooky Duke"

The king of all spooky dukes

(Creature of Chao and wealth/riches).

33" x 44",  Fabric paint, Spray paint, Copic markers, Acrylic, Sharpie and Glitter. Fabric and Wood shadow box frame. 

Price     $2,000


Habacuc S. Bessiake, 22

"Detroit Red"

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz's life is a tale of true progression. His Autobiography illustrates his transformation from a delinquent in the jungle of New York by the name of "Detroit Red" to the man we know him as today. His duality is an emphasis in this piece. This artwork is an ode to Malcolm X's life. A story that has and will continue to inspire.

24" x 20", Cut Paper, Watercolor, Ink and Colored Pencil

Price     $2,000

Jacob Carter, 29

"Made in His Image"

This piece is a representation of being made in the image of God. It is a charcoal drawing of me putting myself in scripture and using my likeness to represent Christ. 

11" x 17", Charcoal on Paper

Price     $500


Luis Bloom & Demaciiio

"Multiplayer V"

Demaciiio states “Multiplayer V is a battle between Khris, Luis, and myself. Utilizing a creative exhibition that proves the depths of our craft”. 

From Bloom’s perspective this piece feels more like a cooperative adventure, a journey of skill, endurance, style and patience. “I enjoy utilizing older, nostalgia of my past like these characters from Slam Dunk to give a comparison of how strongly I feel about my partnership with my teacher and friend, Khris.”

40" x 30", Acrylic and Aerosol on Canvas

Price    $5000
Contact using Direct Chat or Email

Taylor Childs, 25


Taylor Childs creates applique quilt portraits ranging from small, intimate compositions to medium size wall hangings that are made from hand-made batik fabric and scrap materials to celebrate femininity and the bonds between strong African American women in her life. The subject matter is often an individual relative or gathering of relatives at an event. Scraps are used to create the pictorial fabric assemblages imbued with reverence.

37" x 48", Polyester, Cotton, Acrylic & Floss

Price     $800

Screen Shot 2021-09-11 at 5.01.34 AM.png

Torrence Jayy, 27

"Self Portrait"

With this piece I wanted to place myself in a world of art and most things I’m passionate  about from the graffiti letters in the back representing my love for street art and murals, one of my favorite vintage tee shirts of Toni Braxton showing my love for RNB music.

36" x 48", Acrylic and Spraypaint on Canvas

Price     $1000

Zuri Dean, 23


Zuri Dean’s first piece from her wipe series, this piece is more of a beautiful exhale/laughter. She describes it as bliss and stated how she loved using the bright pigmented colors.

48" x 60", Acrylic on Canvas

Sold    $2,000


News and Appearances

City of Detroit Government - Young Gifted and Woke - Live Auction

September 24,2021

An auction of works from New talent.

Live painting from 5 - 5:30pm

Program starts at 5:30pm

Sponsored by D.I.A. and Detroit ACE

Friday's 'Young, Gifted and Woke' exhibit to focus on young artists of color

September 24,2021

An art exhibition and auction featuring the works of young artists of color under the age of 30 kicks off late Friday afternoon in the ballroom of Detroit's St. Regis Hotel.


September 20,2021

The Detroit Office of Arts, Culture and Entrepreneurship is proud to join the Detroit Institute of Arts in hosting an art exhibition and auction featuring the works of young artists of color September 24. Curated by Detroit artist Luis Bloom, the event features current works by some of the most talented of a new generation of Detroit creatives.

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