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40" x 30", Acrylic on Canvas

Luis Bloom


The concept in this image shows how humans can attempt to run from complications/issues they can’t find solutions to. This is Bloom’s first entirely abstract piece in six years, since starting the Luis Bloom Collective.


The stickman in this painting is bound by the hip with issues surrounding them, you can see that the hip is an actual infinity symbol. The textured pink box behind them represents the issue (mental issue) they want to escape, not knowing if it may be a good (lighter pink) or bad (darker pink) outcome. The viewer shall notice that all of the pink paint was partially heat dried and pulled with a cloth to give off a sticky/gooey texture. The blue textured ooze located in the bottom right represents the unconscious mind (the creeping voice/instinct) that wants to direct our decisions. Finally the agony, annoyance, and pain is represented by a consistent green spike, “envy, it’s only a thorn in my side”. 

Nightmare's Infinity

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