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48" x 36", Acrylic and Fabric on Canvas


During our journey in life, we all tend to get on a roller coaster at some point. But no matter how you cut it, no one person is alike and we can always succeed together. Bloom says “I believe this painting is self explanatory after the viewer hears or reads the title. But to be more specific, I have been supported, Taught, and pushed by all of my friends and family. Including them into my path of life is necessary to acknowledge my true self. I have been blessed to have so many people around me.” Bloom lays out friends throughout his recent years as an artist to showcase the confidence in his work. He states “Every time I walk outside I feel like an army thanks to these people.” Paying homage to two of his friends; Caesar the creative mind behind 1shot Radio and Vijay Das a person of kindness, smiles, and humor.

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