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Luis Bloom


“There are so many stories in my life that have created the structure of my thoughts, but I would like to start with my personality. As an Artist, I’ve learned to accept myself and be open about my personality. The five-color perspective used in all my work is based on my personalities (modes). 


Pink is my refined earth-bound self, completely crafted by morals, mistakes and loss.


Mango yellow is my inner self-a very open, friendly and vulnerable side. Often reserved as I am still on the journey of learning when I can be my purest self. I have often been misperceived after opening this portion of myself to others.       


Lime Green is literal envy. I’m honest with myself so I know I am envious of others, but I’ve learned envy can be a very useful tool, it causes me to learn how to break out of my confinements or areas where I lack knowledge. Envy is, as they say-a thorn in my side because I don’t feel anyone (me) really wants to feel it (often used in my work as an isosceles triangle in my art).


Purple is myself from yesterday and the day before. I like to carry this one with me because I like to overcome myself as my own competition.


Dulled Blue is my instinctive self. The most natural and responsive self unrefined or tampered with (the unconscious).”

Luis Bloom is a native Detroiter, and is a first generation Haitian-American. Luis’ journey as an artist began at the age of 12 with pencil drawings, primarily focusing on people’s faces and expressions while watching his older brother, Timothy, who practiced car design after beginning his internship at LEER. Luis continued mastering facial expressions even after learning graphic design during his senior year of high school. While attending a basic drawing class in college he discovered the process of breaking down an image to it's “wire form”, after this he began floating toward more abstract approaches. Finally, during his Sophomore year of college he felt that the fine artists in the world were more respected because they created art in the form of painting. This thought led him to ask his close friend, Khristyn Richardson to teach him to paint. While learning to paint he was encouraged by students at the College for Creative Studies while visiting to sell his work. After much contemplation, Luis decided to print some of his work and began knocking on his neighbors doors, off West 7 Mile Road in Detroit. Soon thereafter Luis created a collaborative business partnership with Khristyn. Six years later, their work is sought after throughout the world. Luis and Khristyn have been commissioned by individuals, major sports teams and Fortune 500 companies to create high-priced original works. Together they look to inspire the world with their colorful, abstract, pop art.

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