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"Unforgettable Milestone"

Luis Bloom - Khristyn - Demaciiio - Darklord Escada - Sheefy McFly

The Idea for this painting was continuously changing up until its production. It started with just

myself (Luis Bloom) and Demaciiio. After recently completing other collaboration works, the

desire to contact inspirations of my career became very strong.

The Covid pandemic has been a tough time for everyone but exchanging canvas between

others or even working in the same room was very hard to set up. The Freedom event held on

June 19th became a crazy opportunity to work on a new piece with Demaciiio, after learning that

Sheefy would be present I decided to ask him to work on something together. Surprisingly he

was all for the idea of working together.

After working through some steps on the collaborative piece with Demaciiio, Sheefy walks to us asking “Do you have a can of black?” I reached into my box and handed it to him and he

started spraying. We watched him work, as he was working Escada (@darklord_escada) setups

up a few feet from the canvas. Demaciiio steps in close to me saying, “We should see if he

would want to work on this too!” I responded in excitement “Yeah bro!”. After asking, Escada

was ready to work! He placed his work immediately after Sheefy finished working. The event

would soon be over but the painting was yet to be finished, after taking the painting back to the

studio, it was our turn! Khristyn and I were ready to finalize the painting adding in the final


I’ve never seen a painting in Detroit before where 5 Artists came together and created a singular

piece on canvas. It was a huge milestone for me to be a part of something so massive! At that

point I knew what to name the painting, an “Unforgettable Milestone”.

36" x 36", Acrylic and Aerosol on Canvas

Price     $20,000
Contact using Direct Chat or Email

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