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"I believe we live this life to understand the world and our place in it. Our unique experience is one of the most valuable things we get in our lives and its meant to be shared. I've always admired art in all its forms, but I found visual arts to be the best way to document my experience. Driven by my inner sense of freedom and curiosity I also just enjoy drawing things I like and making them look cool. I want people to look at my art and say "that's fly". And if you're curious enough you'll find me somewhere in between the lines and colors."



Arina Konova a.k.a. AQSLE is an artist/illustrator born and raised in Penza, Russia who specializes in digital as well as traditional arts with an inclination towards animation.

Her art journey started in her early childhood. When asked what she'd like to be when she grows up she'd always say "I'll be an artist" and she hasn't got off course ever since.

Arina first got introduced to fine arts when she started going to a local art school for kids. Some years later dipping her toe into street dancing and becoming heavily influenced by the hiphop culture started shaping her perception of art. Previously having only the experience of traditional art she was inspired by a tv animated series to explore digital art at the age of 14 which changed the trajectory of her art and sparked her interest in animation which had switched from drawing random things for fun to then story telling and more simplistic/abstract art style. Nevertheless she believed having an academic base in art would give her better opportunities and allow her to have better skills and understanding of arts that she'd later on be able to use for projects she was passionate about. She started attending Penza Savitsky art college at the age 16 where she refined her artistic skills as a fine arts/art teacher major.

The artist's next big art goal was to begin her journey in animation at the Art Center College of Design in California which she got accepted to in 2023. It was the same year that Bloom and Aqsle started officially collaborating which is how she found her way into the collective. Since then we've been working on a joint collaborative clothing collection as well as some more personal projects. But the best stuff is yet to come! 


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